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Love at The Parthenon Lounge

An original musical comedy and dinner theater production

Show Dates Feb. 14, 15, & 16

 The Rose Ballroom  in The  Aumont

301 N. Austin St. Seguin TX

Please email your entrée selection

2 days  prior to the ticket

show date to

It's 1961, two days before Valentine's Day at the Jackalope Club (formerly the Parthenon Lounge).  The owner, Joe, has his hands full trying to finish the remodel before the grand re-opening by Valentine's Day.  His wife, Louise, is feeling ignored, and she is not making things any easier for him.  No one seems to understand his vision for the new club.  Between the ditzy waitstaff and demanding regulars, Joe is about to pull his hair out.  Joe is excited about the new singer he's hired to join the house band, even if they are a little...mysterious.  He's less enthused about the new waitress, but he knows she means well. This show has it all:  Drama, romance, singing, dancing, and even a little magic.

                                                       Menu Options

1.  Grilled chicken piccata with  pasta and    

         green veggies

2.  Tender Greek    marinated meat    over

rice and  Greek   veggies tzatziki (lamb & beef)

vegetarian  option

3.  Bed of rice topped with Greek veggies and

        tzatziki sauce

all  served with:  Greek salad w/hummus & pita bread, ice  tea,  and  Bakliva for  dessert

Additional drinks can be purchased at the 

1916 Bar and Bistro

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